The Suspicious Death of Timothy Jon Wall

The Suspicious Death of Timothy Jon Wall
Timothy Jon Wall died on Shoreham by Sea beach on Friday 30th October 2020 at 1:58pm, in yet to be rationally explained circumstances. Sussex Police assumed no 3rd party involvement within 3minutes of arrival!
Sussex Police Fail when investigating child sexual abuse and my brothers DEATH on Beach.

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By Michael J Wall

Hello, I am Michael James Wall (aka DJ Wax Worx).  I'm the younger blood brother and closest personal relative to the late Timothy Jon Wall  We were born and bred in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, near Brighton, and all this has happened in our hometown.

I am fighting for my life and rights, and reaching out for your HELP to get a thorough investigation into my brothers untimely and unnatural death and the case to be reopened, along with the serious historic child sexual & physical cases and domestic reports in the last 4 years to all be linked.

I need to know what really happened to my brother, how he came to die on the beach that day, ensure all perpetrators are stopped, and brought to justice and stop it happening to more just like us.


Over the last 4 years my life has been decimated and destroyed. The ongoing failures by Sussex Police have allowed, enabled and facilitated pure devastation ongoing abuse, avoidable and unnecessary further trauma and pure tragedy to occur. 

Every time i've called the police they've made it worse not better, they have failed in their line of duty to protect me and my family.

Since me & my now deceased brother first called them to our family home in May 2020, i've lost my brother, my mother, another of our foster brothers Nigel and been put through pure hell.  I've been deliberately isolated, silenced, shut down, dismissed and denied my human rights and those of my deceased brothers rights, time and time again. It's been excruciatingly hard but I have battled on.

Sussex police failures have been shockingly appalling, they are still failing to investigate or attempt to bring mine and my brothers abusers to justice, failing to investigate his death, and not linking other serious crimes and persons involved, they have caused horrendous unnecessary trauma in the last 4years.

I know I am not alone, this is far too common a story in historic child sexual abuse and domestic abuse situations, victims lives are being devastated when reports made across the UK to the police force are being shut down.

My brother worked for West Sussex County Council when he died.  He was a senior support worker, for 100's of vulnerable children in care of the local state system over the last 20years, children that have often been abused, trafficked had horrendous starts to life, so many are still being abused in the care system and failed abysmally by the state to this day . I've walked in my brothers shoes on the same path, had very similar experiences, I do the same job as he did today and know this only too well

Tim was a strong man, honourable, caring, loving, well known locally and well liked man. He was a survivor and truth telling Whistleblower till the end. Everything he had experienced and all he knew was coming out, he wanted to talk about it, but not even he realised what opening that big can of worms would mean. He was then silenced, I will not be. I ask you to stand up with me, and support in whatever way you can.  

I stand before you with a huge amount of evidence of serious crime. With this and the knowledge that I now have, that was withheld and not disclosed at his Inquest. I am now sure that my brother did not intend to kill himself, that he DID NOT just walk down to the beach to drown himself, on the beach where we grew up, on that tragic day.

I am led to strongly believe it was pre-meditated, that he was set up, and that those directly involved are still walking free in our local community.
My brother was a highly proficient surfer, we travelled the world together riding the waves. He would never have tried to take his own life in that terribly hard, difficult way of trying to drown yourself, in front of all your friends and neighbours, dog walkers etc, stone cold soba, in the middle of the day!

The story that has been given so far is a physical impossibility, it definitely did not happen in this way. The incidents, actions, behaviour of persons involved since he died also need to be assessed and realised. They show the manipulation of those involved and the covert manipulation tactics being used is a pattern of abuse that I am still the victim of...

With the information I now have I KNOW that my brother DID NOT want to commit suicide, all medical records say he WAS NOT SUICIDAL and assessed as very low risk. The only reason he was ever sectioned was because he was living with our 82yr old mother, she was going mad and making him angry in her refusal to talk, her denial of the historic CSA and refusing to address her own mental health issues...

The true circumstances of his death are yet to be told, witness and suspects involved in the 6 mth run up to his death have never even been questioned.

I have not been taken seriously, denied, dismissed and traumatised by Sussex Police, I need answers. 

They wrote Tim off as suicide within 5mins of reaching him on the beach, before any information was provided to them, it was never made a crime scene. They just assumed that there was "no 3rd party involvement" and called the Coroner...

Sussex Police failed to provide any evidence at his Inquest, I was denied the right to ask questions to the witnesses, and denied adjournment so that Jude Lanchin of Bindmans lawyers was unable to represent my brothers rights at inquest, left with no legal rep at court on 27th Jan 2022 I had to do it alone, I had no chance.

Following a court order for disclosure in Jan 23, I now know that Sussex NHS Partnership have also failed to disclose at Inquest the last time they say my brother, on 22nd Oct, just 8 days before he died.

Standing up against this state system injustice is a battle that many of us are facing, one of the last letters my brother wrote said this

"When strangers come together in chaos, we become an unstoppable force"

We are losing so many people before their time, in unnatural circumstances, the true reasons, their stories, their truths not being told, the state system is not learning by the losses of our loved ones.  When the police and the state fail, lives are lost I can't sit by and let this injustice continue anymore.

I ask us to come together, with love, truth, justice and honour for us all.
Anything you can do I am humbly grateful for, I know money is tight, just a share really helps, thank you to friends, family, followers and supporters, blessings to you all. 🙏🤝


Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 18.25.30

My beloved father figure brother, Timothy Jon Wall, 54yrs old, tragically lost his life on Friday 30.10.2020 on Shoreham Beach

The police actually decided there was ‘no suspicious circumstances’ within 3MINUTES of him being pronounced dead at 1:58pm.


Tim was wearing his dog walking blue Puffa anorak jacket, blue jumper, brown trousers and blue trainers, fully clothed, shoes and socks still on when he died. He had his wallet on him with £167 in cash and 5 bank cards. His phone was not on his body. It was allegedly found a day later, buried in a sock drawer, it had been WIPED. Police said they could not access it.

No digital evidence was ever provided

There were 2 witnesses on the beach that day

The first witness, a woman with her kids, saw Tim ALIVE, in the water, he was coming in AGAINST THE TIDE.  She called to him, he had managed to slump himself over the riptide rocks by the time she was running up the beach and calling her husband, a police officer for help.

There was a 2nd witness, a hooded man, standing on the beach. He watched this all happen for roughly 20mins. By the time the first witness had run to the car to put her kids in and got back down the beach, he was now standing over my brothers body lying further up the beach.

This man’s statement says he was a lone wind surfer, checking the weather on the beach, he called 999, said he was doing mouth to mouth resuscitation through his cupped hand, but while on the phone to them his phone line went dead…

The ambulance was the first to then reach the scene after that at 13:52, they didn’t do CPR, pronounced him dead at 13:58.  The coroner's assistant John Halloran was called to attend at 2:01pm, told no 3rd party involvement

The police say they lifted up his jacket, couldn’t see any marks and made that shocking immediate assumption.


I now know, police then went to his new flat address, they also sent a welfare check to my mothers house.  She said she 'was fine' They DID NOT TELL HER that her son was was dead on the beach and left her alone at the house.

At 3.06pm, a lone officer PC Dan Gayle, knocked on my front door, I knew this officer, he had also come to my mothers house in May 2020, while my brother was in Meadowfield hospital.

He came in and gave me the official DEATH MESSAGE, he then told me it happened on Shoreham beach, and asked if my brother had a BOAT?...

I said NO

I went into immediate shock and panic, thankfully my wife was with me in our home office.  I asked the officer if my mother had been informed, he said NO, I asked him to accompany me to mums house, my wife drove, we followed him there.

I live in Henfield, 20 min drive, 10 miles from the beach and my mums house.

It was dark by this time, there was a big storm coming in that day.  We arrived at the family home, all the lights were off, driveway gate open. Tim's dog Charlie barking. We knocked on the door, my mum opened it, I said " I need to come in, something serious has happened" She said "No" the policeman stepped forward, she let him in, told me to wait outside...

My sister and her son arrived, went in, 30mins later the officer came out, told me to go home, and that mum said she would call me in a couple of days. I was broken, we drove home.

That night, at 9pm, my eldest brother, announced on Facebook that Tim had taken his own life...

My phone started blowing up, nobody had even been told he had died, let alone that he had killed himself.  Very few people knew my eldest brother, so everyone contacted me.

I was left isolated and in the dark from then on.  Stopped from speaking or seeing my mum and given no information from my elder siblings

No investigation was launched, only when I went to my MP Andrew Griffith and he wrote to Chief Constable Jo Shiner did Sussex police then begin a small investigative process in December, this went on for 13mths, of doing very little in my humble opinion. None of this investigation was presented at inquest.

From the point Sussex police and NHS stepped in to my family and told Tim he was a danger to his mother, me and Tim were gaslighted and isolated, we never got to talk again, I will never forgive them for that.

Tim was 53 when just 6mths earlier he first rang 999,  on 4.05.2020 in lock-down.  I now know that he told the police that day that he had been sexually abused as a child, he had previously disclosed to his GP, Time to talk online therapy and close confidents. 

The police never took any details of that CSA disclosure.  He was then deliberately 'triggered' made angry, crazy made, then 2 days later, deemed by Sussex NHS mental health services, to be "a danger to our 82yr old mother" who he had been live in carer for the previous 10years. They then informally sectioned him in Meadowfield hospital, Worthing, West Sussex.

After a month in hospital he was discharged, assessed as low risk, he was never suicidal. The truth is that he was cut of the care and LPA and WILL of his mother, and was extremely angry.

The truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth is paramount, and must be told for the good of us all.

Please go to my socials and blog for further case info, request to join Whistleblowers case FB group HERE.

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